Monday, July 30, 2012

Raanan Katz Blog Announced: Raanan Katz Is The Stuff Of Legend

Official Raanan Katz blog calls Raanan Katz "The stuff of Legend".
Looks like Raanan Katz has the whole package: criminal conviction, jail sentence, racial discrimination, Raanan Katz Boulevard, Raanan Katz Sport complex, Raanan Katz day and more…

Daniel Katz, the son of the Legend, on the Court question:

”Were you at a ceremony or was there a ceremony which dubbed --- where the Mayor  dubbed May 18th Raanan Katz Day?  Do you have any recollection of that?  If you don't, we can call your father,”

testified under oath

“It could have at some point.  And I know generally where I am.  Normally, the third week of the month, I usually know where I am in May.”

Additionally, Daniel Katz testified:
“Yes, I can read English.” 

Hopefully, this photo, showing Daniel Katz next to his Legend Father, will help “recollect” Daniel Katz English speaking ability under oath. I know we will have more fun on Daniel Katz 3-day video deposition.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daniel Katz, RK Centers Admitted Automatic Lease Renewal Practice

In the current alleged defamation case, Daniel Katz, the son of  RK Centers president Raanan Katz, was cross-examined by his attorney Todd Levine of Miami based Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, Levine law firm. 

Interestingly enough, Mr. Katz testified under oath:"...we notify the tenant that the lease has been automatically been renewed, so it doesn't come as a shock to them. We let them know during the year that their lease expired.  If they fail to send us notice, we give them ample time, you know, to address it.  But we let them know that the lease has been renewed or if it's being terminated."

At the same time Daniel Katz of RK Centers testifies: "Because it's only automatically renewed under the tenant's consent."

What consent Daniel Katz is talking about if his company makes lease renewal decision at RK Centers own discretion.
"But we let them know that the lease has been renewed or if it's being terminated."

 Moreover, Mr. Katz admits, "For over 15 years now, we have the tenant initial each and every page (of the lease)...Acknowledging that they reviewed it."

Have RK Centers, Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz made prospective tenant aware of the court order that determined RK Centers (former RK Associates) automatic renewal clause as a "GOTCHA and AGAINST PUBLIC POLICY that the court cannot and will not condone"? 
Have RK Centers, Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz attached this court order to their lease and made prospective tenant initial and sign it?  Obviously not!!! 
Have RK Centers, Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz sued the tenant over the "GOTCHA, AGAINST PUBLIC POLICY, INVALID CLAUSE" since 2004 order. Yes, as recent as 2011 RK Centers, Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz have sued tenant over their GOTCHA CLAUSE again to  RK Centers, Raanan Katz, Daniel Katz enrichment. 
Let me remind you again, Raanan Katz was sentenced to jail for lying to the court. Please, see below Mr. Daniel Katz testimony in the court under oath related to RK Centers automatic lease renewal.


16      Q.   Does RK Associates and RK Centers include an

17  acceleration clause in their typical leases with their

18  tenants?

19 Katz     A.   Yes, we do.  It's standard industry practice.

20 Levine    Q.   And I forgot to ask you:  What business is RK

21  Centers and RK Associates engaged in?

22  Katz    A.   Commercial real estate development and

23  management.

24  Levine  Q.   And as part of their business, is RK Centers and

25  RK Associates, and the other plaintiffs in this case, do
 1  they lease storefronts to commercial tenants? 

 2  Katz    A.   Yes, we do.

 3  Levine    Q.   In shopping centers in South Florida and in

 4  Massachusetts?

 5  Katz    A.   Throughout New England, yes.

 6   Levine   Q.   Okay.  I'd like you to go down to the second

 7  bullet point.  Well, actually, let's read the first bullet

 8  point.  Can you read that first bullet point aloud?

 9   Katz   A.   RK Associates, led by Raanan Katz, can

10  automatically renew commercial leases without tenants'

11  consent, even demanding money under the expired lease.

12 Levine     Q.   Is that a true statement?

13  Katz    A.   No, it's not.

14  Levine    Q.   Why is that not true?

15  Katz    A.   Because it's only automatically renewed under the

16  tenant's consent.

17  Levine   Q.   So the tenant has to consent for the lease to be

18  renewed?

19  Katz    A.   Correct.  Yes.

20   Levine   Q.   Does RK Associates -- do plaintiffs in this case

21  do anything to advise the tenants regarding the upcoming

22  termination or renewal of their leases?

23  Katz    A.   Well, the leases require us to do so.  However,

24  it's been our practice for many years that we -- we notify

25  the tenant that the lease has been automatically been

renewed, so it doesn't come as a shock to them.

 2  Levine    Q.   Do you let them know ahead of time that it's

 3  coming due?

 4  Katz    A.   We let them know during the year that their lease

 5  expired.  If they fail to send us notice, we give them

 6  ample time, you know, to address it.  But we let them know

 7  that the lease has been renewed or if it's being

 8  terminated.

 9  Levine    Q.   And if the tenant says we have no intention of

10  renewing our lease, what is RK Associates or RK Centers or

11  any of the other plaintiffs' response to that tenant?


16      Q.   The lease provisions that have the renewal

17  section, do the tenants authorize those particular

18  sections?


23      Q.   Do the lease provisions that have the renewal --

24  the lease clauses that have the renewal provisions, are

25  those -- those are located within the lease, correct?

 1      A.   Yes, they are.

 2      Q.   What is the tenants' practice customarily with

 3  respect to those pages of the lease?

 4      A.   They initial --

 9               MR. LEVINE:  The typical tenant that

10      RK Associates has.

13     Levine.   What is RK Associates's practice with respect to

14  its leases?

15      Katz.   For over 15 years now, we have the tenant initial

16  each and every page.

17      Levine.   Thank you.

18     Katz.   Acknowledging that they reviewed it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daniel Katz Testified He Was Not Familiar With Rkcenters Blog

Yes, Daniel Katz the owner of RK Centers, RK Associates admitted reading "all of the materials posted ...through today" on this blog, but not being familiar with his own company official blog.

It would look strange to a normal person, but not to Katz, wouldn't it? Did Mr.Daniel Katz remember he was testifying in court under oath? The apple never falls far from the tree, right, Raanan Katz?

Below is what Mr.Katz testified in the court during direct examination by his attorney Mr Todd Levine, Mr Todd Levine, Mr Todd Levine, Mr Todd Levine (oops, did I mention it 5 times) from Miami based Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, Levine law firm and by opposing counsel Mr. Kain. By the way, this Mr. Daniel Katz examination took place during hearing on Raanan Katz etl Emergency Motion For Injunctive Relief on May 15, 2012 (in other words Katz and CO was asking the court to remove this blog from the public eyes)  


 3      Q.   Would you please state your name for the record.

 4      A.   Daniel Katz.

 5      Q.   Mr. Katz, are you a party to the lawsuit in which

 6  we are here today?

 7      A.   Yes,

 7      Q.   You're Daniel Katz? (my comment:yeah, it is always good to check it twice to ensure the client still remembers his name)

 8      A.   Yes.

 9      Q.   One of the named plaintiffs in this case?

10      A.   Yes.

11      Q.   Do you recognize the name Raanan Katz?

12      A.   Yes.

13      Q.   Who is Raanan Katz?

14      A.   He is the president of our company.

15      Q.   Are you related to Raanan Katz?

16      A.   Yes, I am.

17      Q.   How are you related to Mr. Katz?

18      A.   He's my father.


24      Q.   Mr. Katz, are you aware that there are two blogs

25  on the Internet that have RK Associates in their title?                                                              
 1      A.   Yes, I am.

 2      Q.   Are those blogs affiliated in any way with

 3  RK Associates?

 4      A.   No, they are not.

 5      Q.   Or RK Centers?

 6      A.   No, they are not.

 7      Q.   Or any of the other plaintiffs in this case?

 8      A.   No, they are not.

 9      Q.   Were those blogs in any way authorized by any of

10  the plaintiffs in this case or any of their affiliates?

11      A.   No, they are not.

12      Q.   The blogs they're referring to are located at

13  '', and

14 '', are those the two

15  blogs that you're referring to?

16      A.   Yes.

17      Q.   And have you had occasion to look at those blogs?

18      A.   Yes, I have.

19      Q.   Have you, to the best of your knowledge, seen all

20  of the materials posted on those blogs through today?

21    A.   To the best of my knowledge, yes.

8                          CROSS EXAMINATION

 9  BY MR. KAIN: 

10      Q.   Mr. Katz, up on the upper right-hand corner, you

11  see ''? 

15               THE WITNESS (Daniel Katz):  I'm sorry?

16  BY MR. KAIN: 

17      Q.   Do you see in the upper right-hand corner,

18  ''?

19      A.   Yes.  ''.

20      Q.   Is that your blog?  Is that your blog?

21               MR. LEVINE:  Object.  Who's your?

22               THE COURT:  Okay.  Well, if you object to the

23      question, when you say your, would you clarify what

24      you mean by your? 

25  BY MR. KAIN: 

 Q.   You work with all the plaintiffs here before the

 2  court, right, Mr. Katz? 

 3      A.   Yes, I do.

 4      Q.   Okay.  Is this RK Associates' blog that discusses

 5  the plaintiffs?

 6      A.   It appears to be a blog that's based out of the

 7  New England office.  I'm not so familiar with this blog.

 8      Q.   Are you saying that this is not a blog posted

 9  online by the plaintiffs?

14               THE WITNESS (Daniel Katz):  We have two offices.  It

15      appears to be the New England-based blog. 

16  BY MR. KAIN: 

17      Q.   So this is --

18      A.   So I'm not familiar -- I'm also not familiar with

19  the blog.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Raanan Katz, Miami Heat Owner, Drops Lawsuit Against Google

On July 20, 2012 Raanan Katz has withdrawn his mad lawsuit against Google.

On June 12, 2012 Raanan Katz filed frivolous copyright lawsuit against the blogger and Google demanding from the court to remove (listen carefully) Raanan Katz ugly face from the Internet.

was widely distributed in the Internet, Raanan Katz dropped his bizarre lawsuit against Google.

This blog has reported Raanan Katz and his company RK Centers (former RK Associates) abusive, frivolous litigation practice. Raanan Katz legal action against Google is another clear example of Mr.Katz abusive litigation business.

Below is the dropped part of Raanan Katz complaint related to Google per Miami Federal Court records.

"Nature of Suit
I.    This is an action seeking injunctive relief and damages arising from Defendants'
unauthorized use of Katz's copyrighted image. The Complaint alleges: direct copyright infringement (Count I) and contributory copyright infringement (Count II).
3.    Defendant Google is subject to personal jurisdiction of this Court under Fla. Stat. §48.193(1)(a), 48.193(1)(b), and §48.193(2) because it: (i) operates, conducts, engages in, or committed the tortious conduct alleged herein in the State of Florida: and (iii) engages in substantial and not isolated business activity in the State of Florida.
9.    Katz is the owner, by assignment, of all right, title and interest, including all copyright rights, in and to the following image (the "Image"), which has been partially distorted due to its unflattering nature:
10.    The Image was photographed and first published in Israel on or about February 221P 2011, and is considered a foreign work, protected in the United States under 17 U.S.C. § 104(b)(2) through International Treaties. Registration of the Image with the copyright office is not a prerequisite to filing a claim for copyright infringement under 17 U.S.C. § 411 (a)  because the Image is not a United States work.
13.    An agent of Katz submitted a Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") takedown request to Google for the Image on May 24, 2012. Google responded to the DMCA notice indicating that it would not take such action.
14.    Counsel for Katz sent another DMCA take-down notice to Google on June 4, 2012 demanding that each copy of the Image be removed from its servers. Google again responded to the DMCA notice indicating that it would not take such action.
Conditions Precedent and Attorneys' Fees
15.    All conditions precedent to the bringing and maintenance of this action have been perftrmed, waived, or have occurred.
16.    Katz has retained the undersigned counsel to represent him in this action and is obligated to pay them a reasonable fee for their services.

The allegations contained in paragraphs 1-16 above are hereby realleged as if fully set forth herein.
21.    As previously alleged, registration of the Image with the copyright office is not a prerequisite to filing a claim for copyright infringement under 17 U.S.C. § 411(a) because the Image is not a United States work.
22.    Defendant Google materially contributes to Chevaldinas direct copyright infringement by hosting Chevaldina's web sites and numerous copies of the infringing Image on its servers through its blogspot service.
23.    Google knowingly, intentionally and willfully refused to remove the Image from its servers after being put on notice of Chevaldina's infringement by DMCA take-down notices sent on behalf of Katz and is a contributory infringer who is not protected by the DMCA safe-harbor.
24.    Katz has not authorized or approved the use of the Image.
25.    Katz has been and will likely continue to be damaged by Google's violation of its rights.
26.    Upon information and belief, as a result of its conduct, Google has realized and continues to realize profits or other benefits rightly belonging to Katz.
WHEREFORE, Katz respectfully requests that the Court enter judgment against Google:
(A)    Preliminarily and permanently enjoining Google from copying, displaying or otherwise using the Image;
(B)    Requiring Google to destroy the Image, including electronic versions thereof, which remain in its possession, custody or control;
(C)    Awarding Katz his actual damages and any profits of Google;
(D)    Requiring Google to file a notice detailing all of the actions taken to comply with the Court's judgment; and
(E)    Granting Katz any other and ftirther relief this Court deems just and proper.

Dated: June 12, 2012    Respectfully submitted,

Co-Counsel for Raanan Katz
201 South Biscayne Blvd., 17 Floor Miami, Florida 33131
Telephone: 305-379-9000
Facsimile: 305- 379-3428
By: /s Alan J. Kluger
Alan J. Kluger
Florida Bar No. 200379
Email: akluger@
Todd A. Levine
Florida Bar No. 899119
PERETZ CHESAL & HERRMANN, P.L. Co-Counsel for Raanan Katz
201 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 1750 Miami, Florida 33131
Telephone: 305-341-3000
Facsimile: 305-371-6807
By: /s Michael B. Chesal
Michael B. Chesal
Florida Bar No. 775398

Friday, July 6, 2012

Attention: Raanan Katz Buys His Photos

According to court records Mr. Katz has purchased his own photo in order to file new lawsuit. At this time it is not clear if Raanan Katz is willing to buy only his own pictures or his family members as well.
Raanan Katz copyright lawsuit was not only widely criticized in the United States, but also this sensational information was published in the leading European news. What Mr. Katz is trying to achieve?… Travel to Europe without passport? Saying, you see that...?

In one of the blogs I found this hilarious comment and picture related to recent Mr.Katz copyright claim. Enjoy!!!

"Feel the chilling effect of Mr. Katz’s suit. I am too afraid of getting sued to post the picture at issue. So, instead enjoy this photograph of a horse sticking its tongue out in a snowy field."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Triple Eviction Per Raanan Katz

Well, I thought that Raanan Katz could not “surprise” me with his abusive litigation practice any longer. After all, filing lawsuit against Google, suing myself several times, making legal threats against my lawyers, numerous frivolous lawsuit related  to  his “real estate business”…what more you can expect from low educated, convicted criminal???

Triple eviction lawsuits against the same tenant filed 2 weeks apart. Yes, Mr.Katz proceeded with eviction actions against one tenant 3 times, filing eviction lawsuits in two weeks time difference.

Maybe after reading this blog with several postings related to Mr. Katz alleged self-help, now Raanan Katz is trying to say, “With the MONEY I have, I can evict you three times, every other week.”

Here are the court records

13-2012-CC-010710-0000-23 5/25/2012

13-2012-CC-011744-0000-23 6/11/2012

13-2012-CC-012752-0000-23 6/26/2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

RK Centers, Raanan Katz Spying On Tenant

Has the landlord have a right to enter leased premises without notice with no emergency?
Has the landlord have a right to harass the tenant?
Has the landlord have a right to spy on tenant?
Has the landlord have a right to distribute tenant information to the third party?
Has the landlord have a right to restrict customers to visit the plaza without tenant’s consent?

The answer is definitely “no” for the landlord who is doing legitimate commercial leasing.
For RK Centers “commercial leasing” company the answer is "yes".

In a recent Floridian case a landlord has been ordered to pay former tenant more than $400,000  for spying on her. A Broward jury agreed that the tenant 27-year-old Miranda Goldston should receive $476,000 for invasion of privacy ( source CBS Miami).

Here is how Raanan Katz is spying on a tenant. By the way, this tenant pays the rent on time and in full.
Check my prior post about Raanan Katz advertizing businesses for sale in Miami Herald newspaper.