Friday, July 6, 2012

Attention: Raanan Katz Buys His Photos

According to court records Mr. Katz has purchased his own photo in order to file new lawsuit. At this time it is not clear if Raanan Katz is willing to buy only his own pictures or his family members as well.
Raanan Katz copyright lawsuit was not only widely criticized in the United States, but also this sensational information was published in the leading European news. What Mr. Katz is trying to achieve?… Travel to Europe without passport? Saying, you see that...?

In one of the blogs I found this hilarious comment and picture related to recent Mr.Katz copyright claim. Enjoy!!!

"Feel the chilling effect of Mr. Katz’s suit. I am too afraid of getting sued to post the picture at issue. So, instead enjoy this photograph of a horse sticking its tongue out in a snowy field."

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