Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raanan Katz Team Is Working Really Hard Setting RK Centers Maintenance Goals?

Raanan Katz common area maintenance fraudulent scheme was already covered in this blog.

In the currently open case in Miami-Dade Court, RK Centers, Raanan Katz provided documents based on which Raanan Katz claimed common area maintenance from the tenants of 18100 Collins Ave Plaza located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida USA 33160 for the entire year of 2008.

According to Raanan Katz, tenants of the above mentioned plaza had to pay Mr.Katz for FIRE SPRINKLERS REPAIR, which he claimed to be performed on regular basis in the plaza.
However, 18100 Collins Plaza has no fire sprinklers in the building, but Raanan Katz has not returned money fraudulently collected from members of the public.

This is how money hungry Raanan Katz rip-offs commercial tenants in Miami on common area maintenance scheme.

Miami- Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle are you listening?
For how long Raanan Katz will enrich himself at the expense of small business owners?
For how long Raanan  Katz common area maintenance fraudulent scheme will work in Miami?

Let me remind you again, Raanan Katz was sentenced to jail in Boston when he failed to produce accurate proof for maintenance/ repair in Massachusetts.


  1. Awesome blog! And awesome picture too! He's got a lot of real estate on that tongue.

  2. So, this is the picture that Ranaan Katz wants Google to remove? Now that more people will link to this page, the photo will rank higher. I am not familiar with this web site or Mr Katz, but this will backfire on him.

    1. Ditto to socialjulio, Ha Ha Mr. Katz....Jokes on YOU!!!! Good job, Fight 'em Google!!! JMHO......

  3. Michael Jordan did that all the time. I'd say it's a nice tribute.

  4. You have got to be kidding me? Wow, ego is huge.

  5. At least Michael Jordon could dunk and also had the patience to wait for the Bulls to build a team around him in order to win a championship, instead of the brats this Katz has overpaid to play for him... he's a great example of the 1/10 of 1%.

  6. He looks like a lizard-man. Creepy!

  7. I've seen worse pictures.
    I'm not sure what he wanted to achieve, but the result is HUGE publicity for this blog. That's how I got here.

  8. Wow, he looks just like a real Raan-Man. (heh heh, see what I did there? Sprinklers, decency-retarded, voíla!)

    Congrats on keeping the pic available, seems it could/should be used as a character portrait to hang in his castle.

    Hmmmm... Perhaps a titling competition would be indicated? Something to go on the brass plaque underneath. "Nyah-nyahnyah-nyahnyah-nyah!"