Monday, June 27, 2011

RK Associates and Raanan Katz History Starts in Kibbutz

RK Associates boss Raanan Katz was born on a kibbutz in 1937 - a collective community started in Palestine,combining principles of socialism and Zionism.
Kibbutz members were not classic Marxists though their system partially resembled Communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both shared a disdain for conventional formulations of the nation-state and Leninists were hostile to Zionism. Nevertheless, in the late 1930s, two kibbutz leaders, Tabenkin and Yaari, initially attracted to anarchist ideas, pushed their movements leftward to reverence of Stalin's dictatorship.
In the 1920s kibbutzim introduced communal children's homes. The theory was that trained nurses and teachers would be better care-providers than parents. Relationships would also be better because parents would not have to be disciplinarians. Another goal was to liberate mothers and promote gender equality: instead of spending many hours a day on child care, women would be free to work and have more leisure time.
Kibbutz psychological aspects
What are the effects of life without private property? What are the effects of life being brought up apart from one's parents?
Bruno Bettelheim had predicted that kibbutz education would yield mediocrity: "[kibbutz children] will not be leaders or philosophers, will not achieve anything in science or art."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Raanan Katz Filled Another Frivolous Lawsuit in Miami

RAANAN KATZ, RK FL MANAGEMENT INC, RK ASSOCIATES VII INC, 17070 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CNTR (LTD), KATZ DANIEL started another frivolous litigation against unknown person for libel/slander on 6/9/2011 in Miami-Dade Court.

Who is representing Raanan Katz and his group in this litigation.

TODD A LEVINE - 899119
MIAMI, FL 33131
Phone:(305) 379-9000

The group has requested FOR JURY TRIAL.

Hopefully, the case discovery will reveal more of RK Associates "business" activities, and JURY will send Raanan Katz and Daniel Katz to jail.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Public Awareness of RK Associates and Raanan Katz Activities

Read here information on Raanan Katz and his group RK Associates, this group doesn't want public to know. The group is named after Raanan Katz (RK), the boss of the family. The group's operations extend from Massachusetts to Florida. This blog provides information based on public media publications and court records. How far these people can go in attempt to conceal some details about their activities, the ways they do business ? What kind of connections they will reveal and use in that attempt ?

Another RK Associates False Affidavit of Damages ?

RK Associates group lead by Raanan Katz claimed "damages" equal to 4 years of lease in advance from their former tenant alleged in breach of the lease, while the space was already leased to another tenant.

RK Associates group led by their boss Raanan Katz had an affidavit of fake damages made and notarized just to show the court that creating an affidavit of false damages is not very hard for them.

This peace of paper helped RK Associates group lead by their boss Raanan Katz to obtain default judgment against their former tenant for more than three hundred thousand dollars.

For more details see the document

According to the law, damages for breach of lease governed by economical loss rule.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raanan Katz' RK Associates Alleged in Theft of Tenant's Property

Florida Statute Crimes Section 812.014 Theft states:
"(1) A person commits theft if he or she knowingly obtains or uses, or endeavors to obtain or to use, the property of another with intent to, either temporarily or permanently:

(a) Deprive the other person of a right to the property or a benefit from the property.

(b) Appropriate the property to his or her own use or to the use of any person not entitled to the use of the property.....
the offender commits grand theft in the first degree, punishable as a felony of the first degree, as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084."

According to court filings one of RK Associates tenants alleged RK Associates
"Without advance warning and using self-help in violation of the law, Plaintiff (RK Associates) proceeded to change the locks to the premises... Inside of the premises there were 100 chairs; fourteen tables; grill stands; $1,200.00 Dollars worth of soft drinks and $300.00 Dollars worth of beers", according to Miami-Dade court records case#10-02395-CA32

Another RK Associates tenant claims in the court:
"Count VI-Unlawful Entry and Detainer
RK Associates, without legal process or authority or permission from the tenant, broke into the premises leased by the tenant and changed the locks on such premises, thereby unlawfully entering and detaining the property which the tenant was lawfully entitled to possession of.
Count VII Theft
RK Associates, without legal process or authority or permission from the tenant, broke into the premises leased by the tenant and stole monies and personal property belonging to the tenant...Rk Associates removed and retained property belonging to the tenant", according to Miami-Dade court records case#09-42218CA09.

Another RK Associates tenant states "Plaintiffs allege, and Defendant (RK Associates) do not dispute, that security guards threw Plaintiffs (Tenants) off the property and that RK Associates...changed the locks on the bank branch’s office doors. Furthermore, Plaintiffs allege conversion of their remaining personal property by RK Associates...after they were escorted from the premises." case07-20634-CIV-MORENO

Do RK Associates and their boss Raanan Katz believe that all tenants property after signing the lease should belong to them? or they just not afraid of stealing the tenants' property ?

And this list can go on and on... Raanan Katz enjoys his "business" and freedom.

Monday, June 6, 2011

RK Associates Changing Door Locks...Be Careful!

You, as RK Associates tenant, never got an eviction notice for failure to pay rent or anything like that. However, you are coming to your business, and RK Associates simply changed the locks and took possession of your business and private property.
Court Case Number 07-20634-CIV-MORENO revealed that "Plaintiffs allege, and Defendant (RK Associates) do not dispute, that security guards threw Plaintiffs (Tenants) off the property and that RK Associates...changed the locks on the bank branch’s office doors. Furthermore, Plaintiffs allege conversion of their remaining personal property by RK Associates... after they were escorted from the premises."

In this case RK associates were sued by the tenant: Count VI is for
unlawful eviction, Count VII is for conversion.

Court argues: "Lessors like RK Associates, typically change locks on their own property or at least require permission to do so. See, e.g., 4 Florida Jur. Forms Legal & Bus. § 16A:53, at III.(f) (generic commercial lease form stating that, “No locks shall be changed without the prior written consent of Lessor….”). If Plaintiffs (tenants) have or had personal property remaining on the premises, and RK Associates preventing Plaintiffs from reacquiring that property, then it seems plain that Plaintiffs have alleged a legal harm against the landlord."

RK Associates cannot take possession of the property without a court order unless tenant surrender the keys. However, RK Associates change door locks on leased premises at their sole discretion. Be careful and aware!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

RK Associates Allegedly Violates the Lease Agreement

It’s an awful position to be in when your landlord violates the lease agreement. When you sign the Lease with RK Associates you need to be ready to experience the most complicated and very unpredictable situations.
One of RK Associates alleged lease violation examples revealed in Superior court case 2004-02614.
RK Associates and Subway as a the tenant agreed " Landlord agrees to not to... lease, let, use or permit to be used any property owned or controlled by it within one mile of the leased premises now or at any time during the period of this lease or any extension to any tenant or subtenant who is main principal business is the sale of submarine sandwiches or Dali-type sandwiches, such as Miami Sub, DeAngelo's, Blimpies, Kelly's Roast Beef..."
After that RK Associates signed the agreement with Panera to rent the space located in the same commercial shopping center as Subway.
Subway had to take RK Associates to the court. Superior Court allowed Subway's motion for a preliminary injunction, prohibiting RK Associates from leasing the space to Panera.
In spite of the court order, RK Associates, lead by Raanan Katz and David Katz, entered into the lease with Panera and allowed Panera a build out of the premises.
If you do not want to lose your business, your investment, your ideas think twice, talk to their tenants, and do your research to learn what can happen to you after signing the lease with the landlord like RK Associates.